"The story of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is the story of workers and people struggling against poverty and injustice across the globe. The work of APHEDA can inspire new generations of activists, unionists and campaigners for global justice, in Australia and overseas.

Sharan Burrow, General Secretary
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)


"The rights and lives of workers in developing countries can be improved through international solidarity. By supporting and donating to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA you support workers and their families in developing countries where it is so important to take action to ensure justice, human rights and peace"

Ged Kearney, ACTU President


"As a strong supporter of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA sine the early days, I know APHEDA has always stood for social justice in any country in which it works."

Professor Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO, former Governor of New South Wales


"APHEDA’s development assistance programmes have made a very significant contribution.  Assistance is not only material, or helping realise the ultimate goal of freedom in South Africa.  Assistance is about people, about people in Australia caring enough about our people to contribute financially, to contribute their time, their skills and their emotions.  This is what sustains us.  This is what is irreplaceable in human endeavour.  This is the true meaning of solidarity." 

Nelson Mandela, Letter to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, 3rd February 1993


"I commend the Australian union movement and its humanitarian aid agency Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA for your solidarity and support to our independence struggle and your ongoing commitment to supporting us in developing health, education, reconstruction and human rights programs." 

Xanana Gusmao, former Prime Minister and President of East Timor

About Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA

Australian People for Health, Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA) was created in 1984 as the overseas aid agency of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA was established to contribute directly to countries and regions of the world where men and women workers are disadvantaged through poverty, a lack of workplace, denial of labour and human rights, civil conflict and war.

Union Aid Abroad is committed to justice and solidarity and to self reliance, not charity. It builds self-reliance through support to educational and training projects for workers and their organisatons in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, Southern Africa and the Caribbean.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is supported by individual union members, the ACTU, unions, workplaces, DFAT and the Australian public. DONATE TODAY!

T: +61 (0) 2 9264 9343
E: comms@apheda.org.au