Dare to Dream: The Memoirs of Tom and Audrey McDonald


“Love for each other and a passionate commitment to human rights have driven two wonderful people to not only ‘dare to dream’ but to win!” – Ged Kearney, ACTU President

Dare to Dream is a story of struggle and hope - a story about and for the countless numbers of people whose determination, courage and sacrifice helped create a better world. Audrey and Tom’s belief in a cause took them from the factory floor to Moscow’s Red Square, from ASIO surveillance to Australia’s highest honours. Their story is a unique account of epic social and political change. This book tells of the hand played by the trade union and peoples’ movements in building a fairer Australia. But there is much unfinished business in realising the dream shared by the millions who want a just society. Tom and Audrey’s memoirs will inform and inspire you in this quest

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Profits from the sale of the book will go to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA.

Tom and Audrey are two of the most loved elders of the Australian Union movement with an extraordinary history of activism, struggle and solidarity. Tom was the former National Secretary of the Building Workers’ Industrial Union (forerunner to the CFMEU) and Audrey was a key figure in the Union of Australian Women. 

Published November 2016
Hardcover, 426 pages plus 32 pages of photographs
Typeset in 12 point Minion Pro
Size: 244 mms x 160mm. 990 gms. 

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